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Had a neighbor ask me to saw this wood so we could have our 3 times a wk. 6am coffee break under cover.Him and 1 of the guys did a great job metal roof to come.

  The 2 big guys put it up.

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Wow! That looks great!
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Looks expertly done. What species lumber? Distinctive-looking gentlemen who, like me, need a better suntan on their legs.
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Thank you fellas , it's all fir Eddie . The guy with white hair was a dry waller and the fella right of him was a framing contractor until her retired a few years ago.The old guy left of them was a philosophy professor. Had 2 other orders this year both were cedar for planters & garden beds.
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Nice work! I like the design :)

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nice job bill that looks awesome
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Love it Bill - I have a house that was built out of Fir in the 1930’s and it’s really great wood. Wish we had it down here. Beautiful work!!!
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