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have you ever seen this colour in walnut

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all staying warm this winter. I was milling a nice black walnut slab today and found that there was a blue colour where the grain changes from light to dark. The colour goes all the way through this log but was not in other parts of the same tree. Has anyone seen this before?



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I've cut a lot of walnut, but have never seen that. I wonder if it is a fungus that was growing inside the tree? (Looks like you've found the secret to posting pictures on this site. I guess the rest of us will have to try to follow suit).
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Thanks eddiemac, I was thinking something like that I hope it doesn’t ruin the wood. Guess it will be a unique piece either way! And I think I got lucky with the pictures after reading all the hardships for posting
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Looks pretty neat actually - I had a pale blue/green line similar to that in a pecan log that I cut last year but it faded out when it dried. Not sure what caused it, but I kinda wish it would have stayed in the slabs. Gave it a very unique look. I still haven’t figured out how to post pictures - have tried to follow everyone’s instructions but it is hit and miss for me. Mostly miss lol.
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Thanks David, I’m wondering if this will fade too? I would be interested to see your picture I found for the pictures I had to resize them so they were less than 2MB and then they uploaded with no problem hope that helps a little
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Hi r.garrison, I spoke to my logger friend and he said he believes it is a type of fungus but not the one from the article. I don’t believe it has made its way to my area yet (south western Ontario) and I hope it doesn’t Thanks for the article
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