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LX26 ,,,,,
Anybody has the Lx26 MOULDER ? I'd like to buy one but i have some questions before .... Let's say i want to have the front part of the log with 8 inches that we can see, it means that i have to have a 9 inch high log to finish with 8 inch because of what lhe moulder takes off when it does the groove ??? And for the thickness too do i have to have more thick to finish at a certain thickness ?? How much does it take off on the front part of the log ?? And the knifes do you have to sharpen them often ?? Is it better to have a couple of sets ..... It makes a lots of questions but i want to make sure i know everything before i spit 5000$ .... Every comment concerning that moulder is welcome good or not , thank you .Gino
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no one can help me with that ????
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Sorry, I can't. Maybe ask Norwood if they could reach out to a customer to contact?
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