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Mulching slab wood?

Anyone have any experience mulching slab wood? How big a rig would one need to mulch slabs?  I’m thinking if I’d have to mill the slabs thinner then it might be more trouble than it’s worth. On the other hand I cut a lot of cedar and the cedar mulch might be worthwhile having. Plus the slabs are piling up. Anyone doing this?

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I'm not certain what you are thinking of for mulching with slabs. 

One word of caution, when I went to check about Cedar Mulch on the internet, I found an article that mentioned that 'Cedar, like other hardwoods...'.

I'm not certain I trust an article about mulch that can't recognize the difference between hardwood and softwood. I would rather trust a resource like the one below.


I've cut a bit of cedar, and I found that I cut boards, and the sawdust and trim stuff leaves plenty for mulch. I'm not certain how to get bigger boards to rot out quicker, but I suspect keeping them in contact with dirt will help.

If you are looking for mulch, a sawmill may not be the best option. 


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