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Newbie issues.... Wiggly cuts

Cant figure why my cut are wavey... Adjusted tension super tight ... Guides directly on either side of log... New blade or old ... All my cuts are wavy.... Help at my wits end....

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Here's some things to consider:

  • Is the log full of knots? With soft wood and hard knots, the difference can make a straight cut more difficult. Slow down when hitting the larger knots
  • Is the blade pushing against the back of the blade guide on either side? If the guide is pushing the blade, it can cause the nose to dip or rise
  • It is possible that a badly set tooth (or more than one) can cause the cut to go one direction or another. There are a couple threads about how to check the set of the teeth, but if you run the blade (with the engine off) into a shallow cut (about 1/2" deep), if there is one wild tooth, it will probably catch in the cut.
  • If you are running the blade too far back on the band wheels, the wheels may be flattening out the blade on that side, causing an imbalanced set. The teeth should overhang the front of the wheel so the teeth aren't pushing on the wheel.
  • Try a different blade, or if you have one available, one from a different manufacturer. I once had a box where the first three blades all had a set problem, with the problem you've described. After I had them sharpened (and re-set), no problems.
Post Oakie
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R.garrison has good advice.  Which mill are you using?  What kind of wood?  Do all the waves appear in the same place in the cant (parallel, but not straight)?  How hard are you pushing?  You shouldn't need the tension super tight-- sometimes that can even make things worse.

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Don't overdo it with tensioning, this was my issue in my beginnings too.

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This was my main problem.

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jonashex, What mill do you have? Also, most folks on this forum don't really care about Salesforce.

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