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Paying for kiln space

I don't have a kiln yet, in spite of having great plans. I found a somewhat local place that will rent space/time in a kiln.

For heat treatment (to kill bugs), not any drying calculation, they have a minimum charge of $350.00, which covers up to about 400-500 bf.

Does this seem like a reasonable deal? That's about 79 cents to 85 cents per board foot (US).

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I never used the one here but they charge $60 per thou bf which I think is 6 cents a bf.

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Thanks, Bill. That is closer to what I would expect. I thought this was high, but it did allow small lots.

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I've checked some other places around, and can't find any big players that rent kiln space. I may need to break down and build my own, using the VT plans.


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