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Root balls

I have a huge red oak (aprox 40" d) that I had to take down needless to say the stump is a beast I really dont want to stump grind is there any call for root balls? I have some smaller (8-10") maple ones I may dig out also. I also know whare there is a Massive blow down that has been sitting for a couple of years.I know there is some cool grain but time wise I have to many other things going on to do anything with them.

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Root Balls are the turners heaven, but you will have to power wash them to git most of the dirt and rocks out. You will dull your blades real soon so

if you have any older blades i would use them and save the new ones. I haven't milled ony but would if i ever find one that would fit our mill.



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Some how I remember asking this once before but i looked back and couldnt find it if so I am sorry about the oldcoottimers

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Oh boy get ready for all kinds of debris in a root ball. Roots will grow around rocks you will likely find rocks inside the wood. And bottles and kids toys and...

Post Oakie
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A pain in the neck for sure.  I destroyed a sawmill blade on embedded rocks milling this rootball.  The results speak for themselves.  Needless to say, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  The end table and bowl, by the way are the work of professionals, but made out of the root shown in the top photo.  The walnut tree had been down for at least eight years.

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Very kewl to see the original along with the result.


Thanks for posting!!!




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