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Stress in Oak Branches

Today I was offered oak from a huge  white oak tree that was recently cut down.  My question is , do the large branches from this tree make good lumber? I was told that the stress in these huge braches produces lumber that will always curve. 

FYI this tree is 44" at the base with branches over 18" along the trunk, the circumference of this tree was an amazing 22 feet, It supported two trunks from the same root system !!!

Thanks in advance for your input :)

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Dave I've sawen up a few large branchs not oak they may have has some stress but since their free saw up a few then you'll be able to give us advice for next time smiley.


Post Oakie
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I've tried millin branch wood, and pretty much concluded that they're better off being cut and split for firewood.  They will move you while you are sawing, and warp even more while drying.  Just too much stress.  Problem is the top wood is "tension wood" and has a different cell structure with different properties than the wood on the bottom side of the branch.  I've turned down some nice looking walnut branches for that reason.

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That is exactly what I was told, the growth structure and grain in branches cause it to warp allot ... I was just looking for second opinions....Even if it is a nice opportunity to get some oak, the trouble and cost of transporting these huge peices isn't worth it if the final results are for nothing....

Balance Blind
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Too much stress is what I can say about my life right now because nothing seems to work the way I want it to.