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Wood identification
This may be old information so do not chastise me too bad. You can send a 1”x3”x6” sample (max# of Id’s per year is 5) to Center for wood anatomy research USDA fresh products laboratory Onegifford Pinchot Dr. Madison WI 53726-2398 They will do 5 free per year. Did this last year to settle a Long standing dispute with my brother in-law, over a supposed to be hemlock. Came back as false cypress or white cedar. Just some info ,keep sawing. Merry Christmas Fmac
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Oops cannot type, Address is (center For Wood Anatomy Research USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory One Guilford Pinchot Dr. Madison WI 53726-2398) Sorry Fmac
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Thanks for the post, and the address. I sometimes get a log with dubious lineage given to me, and I'm expected to be the expert. I generally get out of it by asking a dozen questions (what type of leaf/needle, how the wood smelled when cut, etc.) which gets them to stop asking what kind it is.
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