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I come read new messages almost every day, when I am done reading them, I use the drop down to "Mark all forums read"

Sometime in the last week or so the "Norwood Sawmills & Equipment Forum" forum started to say there is "1 new " even after marking them all read

If I click on the "1 new" is takes me to were I would normally see the new topics but there is no un read topics

I have even tried using the "Mark all topics read" with no luck..

I am curious if this is happening to other and / or if this is a bug in the forum.




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Yes for some time now.

Connect with Norwood owners to chat about Norwood portable sawmills, including manual and hydraulic band sawmills and chainsaw sawmills, and forestry equipment.190016164 1 newby wayne busse2 hours 52 min ago


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