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add your name...
please add your name here to try to get norwood to delete these people and ban them for putting coments on posts when there just trying to get you to click a website they posted. we have lost one friend for this..... about to loose another. i check in here regulary just to see whats going on and see new posts then when i go to see i see its just some scam shit and nothing to with sawing or mills..... waste of my time again. whats the fellas name.....woodchuck..... i dont remember been so long since he added any conversation on here.
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I already sent Norwood a message about this. I guess the Forum is too much of a bother, or they don't have the time to deal with it. I truly wonder, though, what kind of a moron thinks sawyers are interested in writing papers. We're not a bunch of college kids. There must be something a little more sinister involved - like phishing. Anybody with half a brain could think up more enticing clickbait though.
OL' Purple Pete
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I came back after losing my password then I forgot the new one and each time I read comments there is more crap about well you know and then writing essays garbage. Well sounds like they sold out.
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Pete if I don't recognize the name on the post I go to the bottom right hand corner form tools and mark all posts read. it's a shame because I'll never read any new members posts :o(
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Ya but when I see a legitimate post that’s sawmill related I sure pay attention lol. They’re few and far between - seems like there’s been a few more lately.
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I think that we have another short bus candidate!!!! Posts spam on a thread about removing spammers.
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I have been reading the stories about the comments that were made. I am glad that you guys have a plan for them to delete the people who are posting these comments. I think that it is a good idea because it will make things better for everyone. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this project! I will read an article here because I have been looking for android apps that allow to play casino games to earn money.

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