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Bill MacLellan
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Blade tension/Instructional video's

Hey Norwood, how about posting a few educational videos on your site or you tube. I was doing some garage milling over the past few days because I can't get out to do anything else right now. Snow up to our necks! I was going back through the manual and was reviewing the blade tensioning part. I have been tightening up my blade to the point that the spring is compressed completely, and thought that was how it is supposed to be. But now after reading the manual on that subject several times I am not sure that is correct.. If Norwood was to post a couple of video's on things such as this it would be a great help. A video is worth a million words, I see the competition has a series of videos on blade coiling etc. Maybe you could do a few on maintenance etc. And by the way what is the correct tension?

Thanks Bill M

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I would like to know the correct tension on a lm29 too if possible.

The manual is a little ambiguous in explaining blade tension.


Bill MacLellan
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machamillion, here you go,

I called Norwood and the correct blade tension on the LM 29 is as follows. Tension the blade until you feel the tension on the handle increase. At that point you will see that the spring is fully compressed, now turn the handle back 1/8th of a turn, you have now tensioned your blade correctly. And that is straight from the horses mouth.

Bill M

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Thanks Bill,


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