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Mabey it is posted somewhere, should you release the tension on the blade if the mill is going to sit idle for a period of time or just leave it tight? Fred

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Always release the tension when done sawing.

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Wow Eddie, I never knew that. I have never released my tension unless I was changing the blade. I guess you can learn something new every day is a true statement.:)

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Thanks eddiemac, It was cutting so good I didn't want to change it put will take care of it first thing. Fred

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It is said that leaving the band under tension flattens the belts where depressed (which hardens them) and places undue stress on bearings and shafts; probably not good on the spring either.  Bands which have stetched from the heat developed in cutting may end up over-tensioned when they cool, possibly resulting in cracking in the gullets.  My Norwood manual recommends releasing the tension at the end of the day.

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All band saw manufactures make the same suggestion and many now come with quick releases on the shop models. 

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"Always release the tension when done sawing."

... and remember to re-tension the band saw blade before you fire up the engine.  Been there, done that!  I now have a special place (magnet) where I put the key when I loosen the blade.  When I go to start the engine and the key isn't in the switch, I think "Oh, yeh, tension the blade".


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