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Can't seem to post in the Sawmill and woodprocessing

Can't seem to post in the Sawmill and wood processing section under the post by Bill about "Sawing". He put up nice pics and I wanted to post but when I view his post the site boots me out and asks me to log in if I want to post. This also happens with Eddimac's post on "look what I made". I am logged in. So wondering if any body else is having a problem?


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Me too. Sometimes I have to wait days before I can get in, even to add to my own threads.

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I was having this problem for a while and sure wish I could remember how I fixed it for you fellas maybe it will come to me so I can advise.I was using explorer at the time when I remedied the problem but now using Chrome.


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I tried today and found everything OK for now.


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I tried to post my first message in Norwood Sawmills & Equipment Forum and got this-
Unable to send e-mail. Contact the site administrator if the problem persists.
Status message Forum topic Engine choice for LM29 has been created.

So I don't know if it went through. I tried twice.

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Not sure what you were trying to do, but seems to me that the site thought you were trying to send an email. I found that with my problem I just logged out and logged back in the next day and all seemed fine.


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The Unable to send e-mail tag at the top happens when people have email notifications set up for the forums and the email server can't send out the notifications. Doesn't mean you didn't post, just that people didn't get notified you did. Dan

Post Oakie
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Sometimes I get an error message. I just exit the forum and get back on a few minutes later, and there it is! I made several duplicate posts before I figured that out.

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