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Goodbye, all. I have to leave because of the lack of oversight on the forum
I've enjoyed the posts on this forum, for the most part, but the lack of moderation (moderators doing their job) leaves me no choice but to leave. I wish you all well (except for the clickbait artists and the spammers).
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Garrison, what is the danger with the clickbait posts if you don't click on them? Please explain how that works. Also, can hackers steal info from you if you post pictures directly? Has anyone tried calling Norwood about the matter? (I question whether there are any moderators and wonder if Norwood even cares). If you depart, it will greatly diminish the worth of this forum.
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I agree that if you leave it will reduce the impact of the forums. I’m not sure that all the of the clickers are not the same individual - they all seem to have showed up at the same time. Even though I don’t post often, I do read what is going on and have learned a lot. I hope that you will stick around until they get tired and leave or are banned.
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I sent Norwood a message through their Contact app on the main site regarding the spammers. Don't know if they read messages.
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No trailer package.bentlog deck ends???????