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How to post a photo 1: preparing the photo

There are  lot of new Norwood owners, and I'd love to see pictures of what they're doing with their mills.  Posting pictures is a several-step process, so I thought I'd outline the technique that I use.  The specific instructions are for Windows, but the general idea would apply to Macs, as well.  What you need to do us to get your photo on an internet host site.  I use Photobucket. .  From there, you can link your photos to Norwood Connect.


1- If you don't have a host site on the internet, go to and set up an account.

2- Get your photo down to a reasonable size.  Those of us with slow internet would appreciate it.

     a. Open the photo with Microsoft Office (or other graphics program)

     b. From the FILE menu, select Export

     c. Change the name of the document so that it doesnt replace the original.  To keep things simple, I use the original name, followed by "s", for "small".

     d. Select "jpeg" file format (usually that's already the default)

     e. Change the file size to "Web- small  (448 x 336 px)"  If using another program, set the file size to 450 pixels wide.

     f.  Click on the OK button.

Tom lambert
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posting a photo is definetly not simple on this site.....thanks for the insight, I'll need a alot more paitents when ever I do decide to try it....again

another one of Norwoods issues..not all of us are super computer included..

Tom L.



Post Oakie
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Yeh, I'd hate to tell how much time it took me to figure it out.  Drag & drop would be a lot simpler, for sure!

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An app similar to norwoods calculator app that's compatable with iPhone and android could make things a lot easier. You would be able to access your photo library through it. 

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