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How to post a Photo 3: Posting the photo

The first two segments of this subject explained how to get a photo onto Photobucket.  Your image is now on a cloud out there somewhere in etherspace.

1.  Open Photobucket in a seperate window.

2.  Locate the image you wish to use for your post.

3. Move the cursor over the image, but DO NOT CLICK THE MOUSE

4.  Move the cursor over the icon of the gear in the upper right corner of the image, but again do not click.

5.  Left-click the "Get Links" option.

6.  Left-click the IMG Codes bar.  This copies the image.

7.  Close the "Share the Photos" box..

8.  Open the window with your post to the forum and click where you want the photo to appear.  It can be anywhere in the posting, but usually goes at the end of the posting.

9.  Paste the image by using the "Ctrl-v" ("Command-v" on some computers).  For some reason, you can't paste any other way.

10.  Some nonsense stuff will show up on the screen.  That's your photo.

11.  Click on the Preview button at the bottom of the screen.

12.  Edit, if you need to.

13. Submit the post..

14.  Enjoy all the good comments you get from people admiring your photo!


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