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larry weaver
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log on issues

Why do I have to create new password every time I try to log on,it gives me a massage incorrect password when I just yesterday I got new one.This happens every time I try to log on.

Hello Mr. Weaver

You should not have to reset your password each time you log in. I will forward your comment onto out I.T. dept to see if we've had any similar complaints. One thing to consider is that the passwords are cap lock sensitive. I apologize for the inconvenience and will get back to you once I receive a response. 



Best Regards,

Mike at Norwood 

Hi Mr. Weaver and Baron

Sorry for the delayed response. When resetting your password please make sure you're not clicking on the link that states that the new pasword is only good for a one time login. As for the photos, I will certainly forward your suggestion. 

If I can be of further assistance, don't hesitate to ask.



Mike at Norwood 

Ayana Rice
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