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I’m not sure where to get your blades sharpened in NY as I’m in Texas, but I’m really glad to see a recent post that actually is dealing with sawmills!!! I hope you find a place soon and enjoy your mill. I’ve had my HD36 for 4 years now and have come to love the days I manage to spend outside on the mill. This little hurricane that came through last week knocked down a lot of trees, so I’ve been a little busy gathering up logs - will have to start turning them into boards over the next few weeks. Good luck.
Mike Cummings
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Thank you David for the encouraging words. I too prefer to be outside working with the mill. I have an LM29 and it is completely manual. I need the exercise! I already see that I as I get older I will need hydraulics to make my milling safer for me. There is no shortage of downed trees in CT as well! Thanks for the feedback.