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I still find it impossible for me to post pictures . Anyway that this site could resize pictures automatically ? Not good at this computer stuff . I use a apple computer .

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I'll volunteer to give pointers. There are some 'gotcha' things, once you're past those, it gets easier.

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add links to your pictures

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I tried to post a photo today just to show people it could be done. The photo was in the .JPG format and was resized to 800 x 600. I received a message saying: "Only files with the following extensions are allowed: txt." Apparently, we can't submit photos any more. As far as I know, "txt" means words. If there's anyone moderating this forum, please clarify. WTF!
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Can't make posting a pic. work :o(

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Let me try.


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Wow, this is seriously broken.

To get that image posted, I selected 'Upload', and the comment changed to a more complex input format. The top line shows formatting (Bold, Italic, etc. and link options. Below that, I can select Table, Div container, Spellcheck, Templates, and Media Browser.

When I select Media browser, I can get to my local files to upload, or my library. 
When I open my library, some of the files there are mine, some belong to other people.

NORWOOD, THIS IS A PROBLEM. Somehow, the database is cross-linked or an index became hosed. Please correct this.

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When Norwood fails to send the installation manuals, Where can I download the Manuals I need?


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Guy post which saw you have and some one with one may be able to help you.