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Post Oakie
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Posting Photos

Norwood has changed the way you upload photos to the forum.  Much simpler, and best of all NO PHOTOBUCKET!  Here's what works for me.

1: Make sure your image is under 2 megabytes.  Those of us with slow internet will thank you if you can keep the images under 500K.  You can adjust the size by opening the image in Microsoft Office, then exporting as a smaller format size.

2: Select the location where the photo is to occur by clicking to set the cursor there.  Usually, the end of the document is best.

3: Click on the Add Media icon at the right edge of the tool bar (I think it is supposed to look like a photo of a mountain).

4: In the next screen, click on Browse, then select the photo you want to include.

5: Click on the Submit button.

6: On the next screen, change the image format to "Original".  That is the only format that works.

7: Click on the Submit button, and voila... there it is!


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I'm no expert as you,So I have a QUESTION?,How does a person put his picture as you got below "Poast Okakie".For I have photo's but never got figure out how to do

Kids who hunt fish and trap,DON'T mug little old ladys.Plus this one also =I'M
PRO-CHOISE...I CHOOSE to hunt,fish,TRAP,eat meat & wear fur.Also work my lm2000,Also my L775 new holland skid steer,D65 Komatsu,Hough100,m5 tractor,

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Papow22, its not hard. Click on your name and it brings up a window with your info on it. At the top of the page is a tab called "edit". When you click on that you can scroll down towards the bottom and there is a place to "browse" for the picture you want to use. Its probably best to put the picture you want on the desktop first, then it's easy to find when you browse.

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Hello.  I have tried this numerous times... gone through the edit... down to the photo... browsed and found my photo... and when I try to upload it, it simply places "kdm536 Photo" in the photo box (these words, no photo).   I had gone through the resizing, squaring, and shrinking of photo sizes for all of the "Photo too large" messages, but when it looks like the photo is good, I keep getting "kdm536 Photo" in the box..... does it take a while to upload and I'm just not seeing it yet?



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I finally got the accessories finished for my mill,, and got an old vintage trailer rebuilt to accommodate the log winch and ramps. NOW,,,,,,I guess I'm ready to find some logs to mill. Rod

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I have been putting my HD36 mill together. Run into the throttle cable problem. Off comes the muffler. Wonderful. 

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Edited post.  I was in wrong category. 

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Well Post Oakie I finaly figured it out now if I can only retain that information.Thought I would through this one for good measure. Thanks P.O.


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