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Posting Photos From Facebook

The question is can we use photos posted in Facebook in the Norwood Forum?

I Created a dummy facebook account and posted a photo of my carryall on my Kubota tractor. I then clicked on the photo within the facebook album which brings it up full screen. Then right clicked on the photo and from the menu that popped up, choose "Copy Image". In the Norwood Forum, I started a new post in the Suggestion Box and after starting this sentence, I moved the cursor down the page by pressing the Enter Key a couple of times and then while holding the Ctrl Key down, tapped the "V" key. Which is the standard shortcut for Paste. The photo appeared in the Norwood post.

I use IRFANVIEW to resize photos. The first photo below was created using Print Screen while in facebook and then cropping and resizing the print screen in Irfanview, and saving the new photo in the computer before uploading it to the facebook account. It is smaller because I set a smaller size for the photo before saving it. The smaller photo was saved at 320x228 and the larger at 800x600. Both are much smaller than the original.

So it does look like we can copy photos posted in facebook and paste them in a Norwood Forum post. Facebook now allows you to create Albums, so you can create a sawmill album and save Norwood photos there for later used in the Norwood Forum.



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wayne busse
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Thanks Sawdoc, now if I can afford a laptop with memory and convince my son to teach me how to use Facebook on it. I've just been using my kindle , I use a flip phone and I will never ever send a text. If I want to communicate with someone, I hit their speed-dile number, close my flip phone on my t-shirt under my chin and continue picking or whatever while I talk. A smart phone wouldn't last a week in my pants pocket, I've broken screens on flip phones working around farm equipment and handling lumber.

You're dragging me into the" teck" world kicking and whining.

Post Oakie
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Thanks for the post, Sawdoc.  Facebook or email looks like the way to go, but fer cryin' out loud, there is no excuse for Photobucket to do what they did.  A lot if good photos on this forum will never be recovered.

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