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Sawblades any new or better?
getting ready to get more blades usually been using the sabretooth?? any new or better
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I like the Woodmizer blades; I also recently bought some from the local Carbide Saw company (they make them cut to length). The local company blades are more expensive (by a bit), but the steel looks harder; I haven't cut with them yet, but I suspect higher carbon in the blade.
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I have to agree with garrison he turned me on to woodmizer sliver tips great investment no more sabretooth for me
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I changed to Timber Wolf blades. I have a local Amish sharpening service that does the sharpening instead of shipping them out or investing in equipment.
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you wouldn't happen to be in the Southwestern ontario area would you? ive been looking for a sharpening place for my blades. if not guess a new sharpener is in the future cheers
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No, West Central Illinois. Woodmizer has a sharping service that you send the blades in and they return them. They will even replace them (at charge) if they are beyond their life. Good luck!
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