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Does anyone want to answer THIS?

Well well well ... so some of you fellas conspired to assist me in making the wise decision over on Woodweb did you? I found you and discovered your trickery! \n Seriously - thanks JP and Dail and Robert in W. Mi. for your insights.\n Now I have another question. Since I have zeroed in on buying a LM2000 with the 23 Briggs, all I need to do now before I order it is decide what options I should order - or make myself and save$?. Knowing that I live in Bonham, Texas ... which is 1 hour west of the \"big\" Texas Piney Woods, I won't be milling very many large logs. And I'm getting it to use for timber framing mainly but also the usual variety of what a small scale sawyer will run. \n Here's the thing I'm wondering: I can weld, fabricate, design, and flat-out \"Gitter Doooooone!\" when it comes to making stuff with steel or wood. I want to save money. What should I order and what should I make for my mill? \n I bought some DIY bandmill plans on ebay but wasnt too impressed, and as you know have chosen the LM2000 versus wasting time buliding a sawmill when I could be building our house, but what options CAN I make in relatively short order that might save me some worth-while dough versus ordering with my mill?\n 1000 apologies for being so danged wordy. Never would make an editor.\n KJ.

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I bought the basic mill and built everything else. I've added a trailer package, jack stands, leveling feet, 2 more sqaring arms, 2 more log clamps, 3 toe boards, ramps, loading winch, and streached out the track to cut 18' 6\".

Robert in W. Mi.
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\"If\" i was wanting to save $$ and i was just going to saw for \"myself\", i'd get the 13hp Honda motor... It saws pretty good and gets rid of a lot of electrical!!! You just don't need electric start with the 13hp Honda!!\n \n YES, the 23 WILL saw faster, you just have to decide if you need the extra speed or not???\n \n Robert

LM2000 with bed extensions, Vanguard 23, optional log post, log turner, hydraulic toe boards, cam dogs, stainless bunk covers, JPT setworks

Erek Delin
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Man, you can't save money like that!

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