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Sawmill School - Simple Steps to Maintain Your Portable Sawmill

Once you have your Norwood Sawmill put together, you may be wondering how to take care of it.

That’s exactly why we created this last session of Sawmill School for you!

Sawmill School Lesson #6: Simple Steps to Maintain Your Portable Sawmill

Dave Boyt is on the job again, with a comprehensive overview of how you maintain your mill.

These tips will help you keep your mill running smoothly, cutting straight lumber, and working as hard as you do!

Here’s how Dave is going to help make maintaining your sawmill easier for you.

In this Sawmill School video, he’s going to go through each of these topics:

 Tools of the Trade
 Before You Start Your Mill
 Track Maintenance
 Changing the Blade
 Blade Guides
 Engine Maintenance

Dave’s got you covered in less than one minute, starting with a simple but powerful tip about assembling all your tools in one bag!

Seriously, such an easy thing to do, but so helpful to you every single day.

Then there’s his morning routine, before you even start your mill.

From start to finish, this could be the most beneficial 17-minutes you’ll find when it comes to making sure you’ve got all your bases covered with your portable sawmill.

There’s no substitute for in the trenches experience, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from Dave. When it comes to milling, he’s pretty much done it all, and you’re the lucky sawyer who gets to learn from him.

It’s like having a sawmill mentor, available to you whenever you need him!

Do yourself a favor, and be sure you watch this, OK?

We always value hearing from you. Please call us if you have any questions, OK?

You can reach us at Norwood at 1-800-567-040 or get all our contact info right here:

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