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Norwood Tractor-Mounted Hydraulic Log Skidding Winch for Private Landowners

Logging is a way of life. A calling passed through generations. One that gets in your blood and takes everything you've got.

That's why, at Norwood, we're dedicated to building log harvesting and skidding equipment specifically for the work you do. It’s our way of making one of the toughest jobs in the world just a little bit easier.

Norwood's Skid-Winch goes where you want, so you can winch logs from deep in the forest right to the trail, ready for choking and hang-up-free skidding out.

1. Powered by your tractor’s rear hydraulic outputs, the large heavy-duty hydraulic winch motor generates loads of constant pulling power.

2. The heart of the Skid-Winch is the patented capstan winch. A few wraps of the high-tensile-strength rope around the constant-speed capstan give you full control over the winching operation with simple application of tension on the “tail-end” of the rope – Engage the Skid-Winch’s powerful pulling power by tensioning the rope. Release to instantly disengage.

3. Built-in receivers securely store chainsaw, cant hook and choker chains for quick, convenient access.

4. Multi-function stabilizer legs dig firmly into the ground during winching operations. Reconfigured, they transform into forks that lift and move logs and boards.

5. Standard-equipped hitch receiver for convenient towing operations while the Skid-Winch is attached to the tractor.

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* Load varies depending on terrain and tractor size and type. Operation on hilly terrain or in wet conditions not recommended. Front-mounted counterweights recommended. Good judgment and experience required. Choker chains, trailer hitch, log hook, cant hook, trailer hitch and chainsaw sold separately.

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