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Shape your logs, and your wood-processing dreams, with a Log Moulder LX26 by Norwood

Precisely shape and plane beams & oversized boards with maximum efficiency, right on your sawmill, with a Norwood Log Molder LX26.

If you’re ready to take your sawing operation to the next level, the Log Moulder LX26 is an incredibly powerful addition to your milling.

- Plane, finish, and shape cants and oversized boards
right on your mill…
- Precision-mould and joint for log-home construction…
- Plane over-length lumber and full-size beams…
- Customize porch columns, balcony & staircase posts, and more…
- Craft unique furniture out of heavy, large dimension lumber woods

If you saw for profit, you’ll position yourself as the exclusive “go to” source for premium, finished wood products unavailable anywhere else…

If you’re an expert builder of custom homes, you’ll be recognized and sought after as the designer of unique, award-worthy showpieces…

If you’re a creative artist who takes pride in crafting fine furnishings & unique décor that are truly one-of-a-kind, you’ll find it exciting how easily you can transform ordinary into extraordinary…

If you’ve always dreamed of building a log home, you’ll discover how easily and beautifully this can now be accomplished.

You Can Do it ALL with a LX26:

“I got a load of pine delivered, and I’m pretty amazed with what I was able to do with the Log Moulder LX26 Norwood created to mill those timbers. The finish is really smooth. It is amazing how clean they came out. I think you could come up with a million ways to use the Log Moulder.” ~ Larry Fleece, ON

For more information on the Log Moulder LX26 and what it can do for your wood-processing operation, visit Norwood Sawmills online at:

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