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Australian Portable Sawmill Specialists - Welcome to Norwood Sawmills Australia

Australian hardwoods are some of the hardest timber in the world. Tackling them requires the toughest of machines … and specialized sawmilling know-how.

Historically Australians have looked to circle and swing mills to process their timber. However, increasingly, they are incorporating Norwood portable sawmills into their milling operations for several compelling reasons:

1. Norwood sawmills, built rugged and with many patented technologies, consistently and dependably slice even Australia’s notoriously hard hardwoods with accuracy. Some doubt the truth of this statement based on the output they have seen in the past from less sophisticated machines or by unskilled operators. But, with just a bit of sawmilling know-how, Norwood sawmills prove themselves against Australian and African hardwoods day after day.

2. Circle blades, particularly thick (1/4” to 1/3” kerf), reduce logs into large piles of sawdust with little regard for the value of the wood –
Decreasing waste, and increasing the quantity of sawn boards, is the best recipe to maximize yield (and profits) from logs (a goal that becomes even more important when processing highly-prized hardwoods!) Because band blades are very thin (only 1.85mm), bandmills increase yield by up to 20%.

3. Band blades, constrained only by carriage geometry and throat opening, can slice super-wide boards prized by woodworkers and master-craftsman for specialty applications like doors, tables, and the like. On the other hand, limited by their radius, circle blades cannot produce wide-slabs. –
Norwood portable bandmills can saw anything, from book-matched wide-plank boards, to veneer, to dimensional lumber. Circle and swing mills are, in essence, limited to dimensional lumber.

4. Highly portable, Norwood band sawmills can be easily towed from one milling site to the next, and quickly set-up within a matter of minutes. In contrast, circle and swing mills, designed for stationary applications, are cumbersome to transport and time-consuming to set up.

5. Norwood bandmills can make the difference between a good, usable, straight piece of lumber … or firewood. The reason? – The sawyer can cut the tension and stress out of logs –
Australian hardwood timbers are prone to a lot of stress in the sap wood which causes bowing in milled timber. There are techniques available to band-sawyers that will remove 70% of the bowing. Circle and swing mills offer few, if any, options to the sawyer.

Native Australian tree species register as some of the hardest timbers on the planet. Norwood Sawmills are proving that, not only are they up to the challenge, but they are often the most practical, most efficient, most versatile sawmill choice. They are therefore finding their place at the center of the sawmilling operations or they are being added to swing mill operations of practically-minded, resourceful landowners who want to convert their standing timber into valuable, profitable boards and beams,.

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