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The A, B, C's of assembling a hydraulic LumberPro HD36

This is Dave Boyt's video of his hydraulic HD36 sawmill build adventure ...

Professional sawyer and portable sawmill expert, Dave Boyt, joined Norwood HD36 sawmill owner, Mac MacNaughton to add hydraulic log handling attachments to Mac's LumberPro HD36. This is their own step-by-step video account of their adventure as they transformed Mac's mill from manual to fully-hydraulic.

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NOTE: This video was not produced by Norwood and is not intended to be a definitive or comprehensive set of assembly directions. While the video is a very useful and informative guide, Norwood also recommends reading all instructions that accompany the equipment during assembly and before operation.


Norwood HD36 is built for extreme adventure starting with its big capacity and heavy-duty construction. Give it even more muscle and make it a fully-hydraulic powerhouse. Add manual or hydraulic log handling, power sawhead or power feed and unleash its full potential.

Super-productive in its manual configuration, you can step it up even more by adding yield-boosting attachments. In fact, LumberPro HD36 offers more customization options than any other sawmill on the planet.

You’re free to choose when and how you upgrade your mill. Build your dream mill from day-one. Or, start affordably with the HD36’s stationary manual configuration, and then build it up as your milling operation grows. The choice is yours.

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